Sunday, March 22, 2015

Celebrating 5 Years of DeepRedInk

Five years have just flown by. It seems like just yesterday that we started working out of our homes, armed with just our laptops and lots of dreams;

          dreams of starting a business around doing what we love
          dreams of building a company that's loved by its people
          dreams of deeply engaging with our clients and partnering in their growth

And, we feel so blessed that so much of it has come true. We dedicate our journey to all the people; teammates, clients, partners, families, friends and well-wishers that travelled this far with us. We are immensely grateful for the good times and the hard knocks that we've shared with each one of you.

On behalf of Deep Red Ink, I'd like to express deep gratitude to you for enabling me to contribute directly to this fantastic journey!

Thank you for the support and encouragement.

Monday, March 10, 2014

How to keep tabs on the Indian General Elections - 2014

With the Elections just around the corner, several politicians and their respective parties are busy polishing their image, building their portfolios, mending ties with their allies, sling mud at their rivals and preparing their manifestos. At the same time, traditional media and social media platforms are coming up with innovative tools to help the public keep tabs on all the happenings on a national and local level.

Here are some of the tools, trackers and portals you could 'bookmark' or save to stay up-to-date with the General Elections 2014:

Recently, Facebook rolled out its India election tracker app for its 80 million odd users in India. Visitors to this dashboard would be able to watch the Candidates 2014 livestreams, take a poll about the issues that matter the most to them in the election as well as compare how much the Facebook community is talking about leading candidates and parties over time. 

To view the app, go here

Whether you are a politician, journalist, or someone who just wants to keep a track of the latest happenings in the world of social media and politics, the Election Tracker is your answer. This tracker from mobile telecom service provide MTS and India's largest Social Media knowledge storehouse Social Samosa provides real-time data analysis, comprehensive tracking, relevant data and graphical representation to help you stay updated on all the social media conversations around the elections.

To view the tracker, go here

Towards the fag end of 2013, Google launched an elections portal that aimed at assisting the Indian voters to understand the electoral process, get access to all the news related to elections and politics, get detailed information on specific political parties and serve as a one a one stop destination to help voters get answers to their elections and voting-related queries to make an informed decision.

To view the portal, go here

Catch all Hangouts and Election related stories on this dedicated hub for the Indian elections by YouTube. YouTube has partnered with all the top news channels across 5 languages to build this one stop destination for all the top stories, breaking news and campaign trails during the elections.

To view the hub, go here

Socialbakers' Election Infographic for India
Wondering how political parties and leaders are engaging on Facebook? Here is a great infographic by Socialbakers where you can view data-driven social statistics for India's largest competing political parties & understand the social media story being told.

To view the real-time infographic, go here

This portal from brings to you everything related to elections as they unfold. It provides up-to-date news, accurate maps, critical analysis, and facts on the various elections in India. Opinion polls allow users to express themselves and get their voice heard. To view the portal, go here

Facebook Lists
Facebook provides its users with an option to organize the important and interesting content through the Lists feature. This feature helps The users can create their own interest lists based on the things they care about, or follow other people's listsWhen the user creates or follows a list, they would see the best posts from that list in their main News Feed. Check out the following lists curated by Karuna Nain from Facebook India:

Monday, May 6, 2013

Changing the conversations around Failure

For a long time now, Failure, rejection, defeat et al. have been viewed with a negative lens. Failure happens in so many different ways, at unexpected times and often has a lasting impact on an individual or a collective. So, how about changing the way we perceive failure from its current negative shade to a more positive one? How about emphasizing on the learning from failure and celebrating it, instead of treating it like a unfortunate tragedy?

It is with this spirit and intention that we set out to do FailFest- a fun and engaging forum to celebrate and honor stories of failure by highlighting the learning, valor and resilience. 
We planned to explore this grey zone by calling upon the indomitable souls, who rose from the trenches of failure by reflecting and learning from it. 

We wanted to change the existing conversations, where Failure is considered undesirable, unacceptable. an outright defeat and a complete disaster.

Failure by all means, is truly ‘inevitable’. It is a quintessential part of life and we get to see it time and again. Like the classic dichotomies of life: Day-Night, Good-Bad, Black-White, Failure forms a pair with Success. However, one can’t succeed every single time. We are bound to screw up on some occasions. But at the end it’s these failures that help us learn. These mistakes enable us to think, be creative and do the innovative.

FailFest is a manifestation of this whole idea around changing the conversations around Failure. The first FailFest was held on May 3 at Hyderabad, India. We invited people from all walks of life, from book authors and actors to techies and entrepreneurs. Anybody, who wanted to share their major learnings with a compelling storyline was welcome.The speakers spoke about their challenging journeys where they faced failure, in some form or the other at every step and shared their biggest learnings from those thrilling experiences. 

In short, FailFest was all about:
- Victory over vulnerability
- Acts of bravado
- following your heart; your passion
- persistence in times of adversity
- Learning. Reflection. Introspection
- gaining Insight and Hindsight; developing Foresight and more...

To view the Event on facebook, kindly go to

FailFest is one such initiative to change the conversations around failure. We hope to build on this momentum and do more such activities to bring about this shift. If you are interested in changing the conversations around Failure, kindly join our community on Facebook-