Friday, October 8, 2010

My Journey.... so far

In this blog, I'm going to talk about my journey, after Engineering and the factors that influenced my decision to join Dot Now Social.

Even before I finished my Engineering, I had two jobs in hand. Both were startups. I was spoilt for choice. One dealt with Social Media strategy consulting, while the other was a global technology, services and consulting provider which coincidentally belonged to my kin.

I had always wanted to go through the startup experience. After sitting through numerous Entrepreneurship seminars, panel discussions and by just reading their books and articles, I had decided that someday I want to be an Entrepreneur. After my 4 years of Engineering, I realized that, there’s more to my life (like many of my peers) than just programming, networking, solving security issues or anything remotely close to what I had studied in my Information Technology course. I was more inclined towards Business Development and elements surrounding it. Having demonstrated Leadership roles and my flair for organizing activities and events successfully led to a lot of people (including a few of my professors and peers) suggesting me to look at this option of ‘starting my own thing’ or simply joining a startup.  I had learnt a lot about startups and the huge amount of challenges they face on a regular basis, through books, blogs and seminars that I had attended during my days at the Entrepreneurship Cell at college, AIESEC and various TiE(The IndUS Entrepreneurs) events.  The kind of growth they are poised for, the enormous amount of learning associated with this experience, it all sounded really exciting. It was something different, something adventurous.

So, joining a startup became very much a part of my ‘future’ plans. Even the fact that at this age, I could really experiment with my yet-to-start career gave me a big morale boost. So, the day finally arrived when I was actually offered a job in a startup. But, as luck had to have it, I got another one, following my first offer in just a space of 3-4 days. And, I was in a big fix. On one side, I had job security (thanks to my kin!), while on the other hand, I had a bigger challenge and a chance to see the Business world, right from its grassroots, i.e Small/Medium Businesses or Enterprises and learn and do everything right from scratch. Joining my Uncle’s firm would have put me into a ‘comfort zone’ of sorts.  I knew that I’d end up earning more at my Uncle’s firm but the kind of learning would be restricted and will be accompanied with a lot of aversion. I’d be eyed by all my co-workers as the ‘Boss’ nephew’. All my work, how much ever effort I put in will be regarded as a palpable fact and my failure (if I do manage to!) would be looked down upon . It would have definitely outcasted me from forming a healthy bond with my co-workers. But, I had some time before I got started with Dot Now, so I thought I'd do an internship at my Uncle's firm. Being an former of Sitel (PanAsia) and Director(Outsourcing) at Dell, I knew I stand to learn a lot from him. Over the next 2-3 months, I took care of the Web-site and helped in revamping it, designed marketing collaterals, drew out branding and communications strategies, and also managed logistics. 

Soon after that, I went for a short holiday and on my return, joined Dot Now Social. Its been almost a month now and its been through a great learning experience. Got to see Small/Medium Businesses very closely, working with our clients. Understood their constraints- theirs small budgets and diminutive resources and the challenges we face in scaling them. Apart from that, learnt a lot of new things about Social media sites- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, StumbleUpon and many more. Also gained substantial knowledge about the Strategy and expertise building concept. Represented my company in around 3 conferences already ,got well-versed with a lot of business jargon and lastly, started Blogging!

Its too early to say that “ I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference”

But, today, into my 4th week at Dot Now Social, I’m proud to have made this decision!

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