Thursday, November 18, 2010

Significance of 'Why'

Among the six honest serving men- Who, What, Why, Where, When and How that I had mentioned in my last blog, I find Why to be the most intriguing one.

The use of ‘Why’, questions the mere existence of an entity! It can refer to the following words
·         Reason
·         Purpose
·         Explanation
·         Rationale
·         Motive
·         Cause
·         Intention
‘Why’ is a question that one should ask himself repeatedly all the time. It forms the very motive behind him carrying out any action or task in his day-to-day life.

Many of us simply fail to see the very purpose or the reason for the occurrence of certain events in our lives. It’s time we start paying heed to these ‘signs’ and work towards exploring them. And if there is any threat from these signs, try to find a solution. Never leave these signs unattended. For who knows, they could very well spell your doom!

Almost all of us go by this catchphrase- Everything happens for a reason. In some cases this reason refers to future prospects while in others, it simply refers to consequences of a past activity.

For instance, in the case of Global Warming, it was observed that there were variations in the temperature of Earth as well as the ocean’s temperature. So, Scientists and Researchers set about their task of finding the Why behind this phenomena. After extensive research and study, it was discovered that it was caused by increasing concentrations of Green House Gases, which resulted from human activities (deforestation, burning of fossil fuels, etc.). Subsequently, crucial measures were taken to arrest this problem and the necessary solutions were planned and implemented. Just imagine, if those signs were ignored, it would have put all the earthlings’ lives at risk.

At the turn of the millennium, ‘Why’ was rechristened as simply ‘Y’ and used extensively in instant chats, emails, blogs, SMSes and almost everywhere. Young children who often asked their parents- How and Why were received with either misleading or no answers at all. Students did not have the courage to clear their doubts by posing questions. But today, times have changed. All the queries of the kids and school students are being entertained and innovative ways are being devised out to answer them. Thanks to the web, we don’t need to go too far to find answers to our queries. We have got more inquisitive about everything that concerned us in some way or the other. Be it Nature or Politics or our own health as a matter of fact. And we try to find more and more solutions and if any problems arise, we try to conquer them.

Remember Even in You, ‘Y’ comes first. So when its anything to do with you, you first need to know ‘why’.

Simon Sinek, a marketing consultant and the author of ‘Start with Why’ clearly emphasizes on the use of Why.

So, before you set out for your goals and destinations, and make plans for the future, make sure you start with Why!

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