Thursday, December 2, 2010

Out of my Comfort Zone

"How much do you possibly know about yourself, unless you've been in a fight?" 
- The Fight Club

In my relentless pursuit of Self-Discovery and Self-improvement, I stumbled upon another important characteristic. I realized that of late, I've formed a certain ‘Comfort Zone’ around myself and my mind simply refuses to come out of it. (I only do those things that I’m comfortable with and outrightly refuse to take part in any kind of taxing activity.) Be it waking up early, reducing the time spent on Facebook, learning about new stuff, et al. I don’t ‘push’ myself anymore. Even if I do, my efforts lack the kind of aggression and diligence needed to accomplish the task.

Many a time, we are happy in our own comfort/safe zones and are reluctant to explore options outside them. But, unless and until we go out of these zones, we'll not learn and develop ourselves. We've to consistently reinvent ourselves and correct our past flaws for all you know, these flaws may bring about our downfall. 

My Uncle had once told me- "Entrepreneurship is not a trait of a true-blue Hyderabadi". Simply due to the fact that Hyderabadis of the current generation have become too lackadaisical and keep procrastinating things time and again.  The ‘Lite lo’ attitude that has developed over the years has contaminated the air in the Hydro City.  A lot of hard-workers and go-getters have fallen prey to this incorrigible attitude and consider it to be the order of the day. They simply refuse to work beyond the official time or do not work or act according to the situation. 

This rigidity/stubbornness in our nature has gotten a beating more often than not, in terms of Punctuality, effective Communication, Multi tasking ability and the overall Efficiency.

When I was at School, I used to make sure that I completed my H.W.(Homework!) at any cost and submitted it on time. I used to stay up late at night (of course in those days, being up even till midnight was considered a crime!). And I was pretty Punctual. It wasn’t too different at junior college. But when I started off with my Engineering, I realized that my resolve had kinda dwindled. And I hardly paid much attention to it. I kept postponing things for the future and my punctuality had gone haywire. I often missed my classes in the morning coz I woke up late and simply kept piling my syllabus so that I could study on THAT ONE DAY/NIGHT before the exam.

All along, I knew something was wrong and I even tried to rectify that but I simply couldn't. It did work at times but on most occasions, it fell flat.  It was only a couple of weeks ago, into my life as a Working professional that I realized that it was time. I kept delaying simple, uncomplicated work to the future- making calls to friends or reading books and even writing this blog! In short, I had become too laid-back. My resolve had started rusting and it was necessary to take immediate steps to galvanize it. I had to set myself free from those self-imposed constraints and preconceived notions and keep challenging myself, time and again.

Since then, I’ve been pushing myself like never before. At times, I win and at times, I don’t. However, I don’t give up and try to give it my best fight. I've set certain short term goals for myself and try to reach those goals in a fixed time frame. And, I’m confident that one day(hope it comes very soon!), I can get this 'rust' totally off myself.

Set yourself goals and try to achieve them, come what may!

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  1. Well said!!!!!! Time and again we postpone simple tasks we desire to do, the simple reason being " we always have tomorrow". I was once told by a very wise man, somewhere down the line kids have lost the sense of urgency now days, we have dreams to reach the sky but we don't have the will to act. Getting out of our comfort zone seems to be the solution to the present problem in hand and the faster we realise it the better.