Friday, May 13, 2011

Humility, in Life & Business

Humility is a trait that lets a person be grounded, no matter what the situation is. It’s considered a virtue in many religious and philosophical traditions. Humility is multi-dimensional and includes self-understanding and awareness and openness.

Humility stops the ego or arrogance from creeping in to our minds. It is a great team building asset and vital in a business/life scenario. In a way it helps us to think beyond ourselves and see the larger picture. Hence, it is considered an important characteristic of an effective Leader. C.K. Prahalad, the renowned management guru said "Leadership is about self-awareness, recognizing your failings, and developing modesty, humility, and humanity.” It’s sad to see the corporate world today where the big cheese don’t exactly demonstrate those qualities and get into unethical/irresponsible acts, driven by their blatant self-interest and greed.

Success plays a critical role when it comes to humility in Life and Business. In the journey of life, achievement of success- expected or unexpected can boost anybody's ego and put them in a spot of complacency. Furthermore milestones of success are keenly anticipated. Subsequent successes are hugely welcomed but at that point of time, the occurrence of any possible failure can really demoralize the person. In the case of the humble ones, the wings of airs are rarely obtained. Even in times of adversity the humble ones stay put. Humility can bring more success in the long run.

The quality of caring within the society, within organizations and in relationships between people is what a humble person is all about. Humility is about gracefully accepting a compliment and replying with a polite "Thank you". It's about loyally doing your job and not going about bragging about it. It's about performing acts of service in an anonymous capacity. The kind of contentment you'd receive in doing the above is unimaginable. Take it upon yourself to perform a random act of kindness to someone and see your Feel Good factor going sky high!

Someone who is truly loving and caring at home with their family, with friends, neighbors,  have that capacity to bring it to the work place.

- Margaret Pundmann
- Business of Life

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  1. I really like the way the article has been wriiten. I second your opinion