Saturday, November 19, 2011

A tribute to my Grandfather...

Dr. Syed Ather Hussain- The Quintessential Family man

Someone had rightly said-"A Grandfather is someone with Silver in his hair and Gold in hisheart".

Nanababa, as we fondly called him was a remarkable gentleman. He was a man of great honour and integrity. A gracious human being, he lived his life in kindness and service.

What really stood out for me were his enviable traits of humility and affection. He was a prominent figure in the family and was immensely respected & loved by everyone. He reciprocated that love with truckloads of affection on everyone from young and old to the near and distant. He was a hard worker, a wise investor, a great provider, and treasured by family and friends alike.

Nanababa was one of the first persons to actually see me after birth and I was privileged enough to have the 'Azaan' performed by him in my minuscule ears. Growing up, I remember, my Mother always urging us to meet him first at any family gathering before proceeding with the series of events at those get-togethers. He longed to see me and my sister and we were always greeted with lot of warmth.

Nanababa was simply brilliant. He was one of those people you loved to be around. With his pocket transistor radio, he followed cricket matches and current affairs. He was always up-to-date with the current news- local,national & international. He had a strong opinion on a variety of issues and always voiced it.

He valued life, standing up for what he believed in and most importantly- relationships. He maintained harmonious relationships with everyone in his daily circles.

His sudden death has caused a great void in our lives. In fact, during the recent weddings in the family, I could actually feel his presence around us. He continues to live in our hearts.
He has left behind a grand legacy. In his lifetime, he touched many lives and continues to do so even after death. He is indeed a fantastic Role Model to us all and a beacon for us and the generations to come. May the Almighty grant him the choicest place in heaven

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