Monday, May 6, 2013

Changing the conversations around Failure

For a long time now, Failure, rejection, defeat et al. have been viewed with a negative lens. Failure happens in so many different ways, at unexpected times and often has a lasting impact on an individual or a collective. So, how about changing the way we perceive failure from its current negative shade to a more positive one? How about emphasizing on the learning from failure and celebrating it, instead of treating it like a unfortunate tragedy?

It is with this spirit and intention that we set out to do FailFest- a fun and engaging forum to celebrate and honor stories of failure by highlighting the learning, valor and resilience. 
We planned to explore this grey zone by calling upon the indomitable souls, who rose from the trenches of failure by reflecting and learning from it. 

We wanted to change the existing conversations, where Failure is considered undesirable, unacceptable. an outright defeat and a complete disaster.

Failure by all means, is truly ‘inevitable’. It is a quintessential part of life and we get to see it time and again. Like the classic dichotomies of life: Day-Night, Good-Bad, Black-White, Failure forms a pair with Success. However, one can’t succeed every single time. We are bound to screw up on some occasions. But at the end it’s these failures that help us learn. These mistakes enable us to think, be creative and do the innovative.

FailFest is a manifestation of this whole idea around changing the conversations around Failure. The first FailFest was held on May 3 at Hyderabad, India. We invited people from all walks of life, from book authors and actors to techies and entrepreneurs. Anybody, who wanted to share their major learnings with a compelling storyline was welcome.The speakers spoke about their challenging journeys where they faced failure, in some form or the other at every step and shared their biggest learnings from those thrilling experiences. 

In short, FailFest was all about:
- Victory over vulnerability
- Acts of bravado
- following your heart; your passion
- persistence in times of adversity
- Learning. Reflection. Introspection
- gaining Insight and Hindsight; developing Foresight and more...

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FailFest is one such initiative to change the conversations around failure. We hope to build on this momentum and do more such activities to bring about this shift. If you are interested in changing the conversations around Failure, kindly join our community on Facebook-


  1. Congratulations on such a wonderful initiative. Hope you organize more fests!

    1. Thank you so much, Nivedita.
      Hope to change the conversation around Failure by taking up more such initiatives.

  2. Nabeel this is excellent , inspiring and insightful -This message of seeing positive in all situations including the situations that are perceived and labeled as "failure" - is really brilliant .

    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation, Harini ma'm.

  3. Yea, perception is everything. There is no fact but only interpretations. In fact, failure is not an end but a door to success. You can read more about this at