The Roles we play...

Each day, each moment, we play various roles in our lives. Here's a glimpse of the roles we play from my perspective:

"The world can be divided broadly into 3 categories. Firstly, the Inventors & Innovators, i.e the Engineers/Scientists(includes even the ones who don't possess the elusive degrees!). This category is responsible for the 'creation' of every man-made entities.

The second club comprises of the Enablerswho are intermediaries and are responsible for the delivery of the products from the inventors to the consumers. They take care of the Sales’ elements, facilitate the whole process & bridge the gap between the inventors & consumers.

The third category consists of the Consumers or Users. It’s a cyclic process wherein the consumer of a certain product will again become an inventor and create something else out of that product or simply become an enabler and help the product reach out to further consumers and the process continues.”

All of us have played the above roles in various phases of our lives. Apart from being a constant consumer, I've been consistently involved in the Enablement process for quite some time now. Going forward, I'd love to explore & experience the Inventor phase.

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